The original Yamaha RX 100 was available from 1985 to 1996 which was a real classic. It had a 98 cc two-stroke single-cylinder engine with seven gasoline port and was priced around Rupees 16,000. This bike was absolutely discontinued from the market since June 2015. This model was completely modified and re-launched as the new Yamaha RX 100 this year by one of the custom bike shops in Telangana.

The Yamaha RX 100 was an iconic bike that was extremely popular in the Indian market. India has the largest motorcycle market in the world and popularity of Yamaha RX 100 soared so much that it met with very high demands even in the second-hand market. The Indians went crazy behind this two-stroke monster when it was available in the market for almost 11 years. People tried to customise it as much as possible even in those days, and till the early 2000s, the bike was still available in the market in customised form.

Post-discontinuation of this bike from the market, finding a good quality RX 100 became very tough. So, a custom bike shop thought of restoring this iconic bike and launched a new modelYamaha RX 100 which will look as if it has come straight out of the factory floor. Some intricate changes have been done on this bike to give it a new look keeping in mind the modern day demands, however, the essence of its old charm is still prevalent.

The new Yamaha RX 100 has been finished with a gunmetal grey colour that suits the theme of the bike and gave it a regal design. The front hood of the bike has the same headlamp design which the older RX 100 had but the regular bulbs of the old model were replaced with the modern LED lights. The indicators were also modified a bit but they were carried forward and seemed like an extension of the older stock bikes. The telescopic suspension has also been given a new look as it is now available in matte black colour in this new model.

The spoke wheels of the older model have now got replaced with the new alloy wheels in the modified Yamaha RX 100. The custom bike shop also developed an engine guard which has the Yamaha logo and the name engraved on it. The engine is also coloured matte black suiting the suspension’s design. There is no change in the long seat and the tail light cluster and even the stock twin gas charged suspensions are also retained along with the same exhaust that was finished in chrome.

The handlebar and the instrument cluster of the new bike are similar to the old stock bike and no change has been implemented over there because they are still functioning in the best quality. The engine is powered by 98 cc single-cylinder with dual strokes producing 10.39Nm of torque at 6,500rpm and 11hp of power at 7,500rpm. It is mated with a 4-speed gearbox and the brakes in both front and rear remain unchanged.

This 103kgs motorbike is low weight and provides strong acceleration and the price of this customised version is yet to be declared.

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