Technology in Education

The use of Technology in Education

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In today’s world, we are quite habitual to using technology every day. Everything around us has a use of technology in one or the other way. It even has its implementation in the education sector. This use of technology has changed the learning process by creating more opportunities in learning and developing result in the […]

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Learning The Broader Aspect Of Investment In Company Shares

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Company shares are one of the chief parts of share market. Most businesses start including themselves in share market for the better profits they can get after they group up to become medium businesses. With the changes in the economy of a company, the stock prices increase making it simpler for so many investors around the […]

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Here’s how Peter Max transformed the pop art to make it apt for contemporary use

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Pop Art has remained a prominent artistic movement since 1950 and this has been possible because of certain well-known pop artists who have intelligently combined the traditional and contemporary art form by celebrating the onset of contemporary art. Pop Art is basically a unique genre of art that is mainly characterized by popular culture and […]