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Part time jobs acts as great source of income for working as well as non-working professionals.A part time job usually doesn’t require high educational qualifications. Part time jobs are usually done by the students and in other cases by the working professionals as well. If working professionals do the part time jobs then they it comes under the category of freelance jobs. Basically freelance jobs are linked with companies where the candidates are offered with projects.If you are doing job search in Bahrain then you must research first to find out which sector or industry you can target to earn money. There are various companies where a candidate can work on part time basis. A contract job also comes under part-time jobs.

Part-time jobs in different sectors

Industries where you can work on part-time basis:

  • Jobs in retail positions
  • Working in the fast food restaurant
  • Car washers
  • Bank tele callers
  • Book keepers in businesses
  • Temporary staffing agencies
  • Substitute school teachers
  • Guest lecturers in a college and many more.

Advantages of part time jobs

There are various advantages of working on part-time basis. The list is as follows:

  • A part time job gives best option to earn pocket moneyfor extra spending. After completion of study you can also add your experience in the resume to get extra preference over other students.
  • Part time jobs acts as great source of income for those who have to handle responsibility of house. A part time job allows individuals to work as per their own convenience.When their child is either attendingschool or taking extracurricular classes.
  • Part time jobs offer opportunity to the retired individuals. Because of which they can earnmoney. Andthis also enablesthem todo exercise and get relaxed.
  • The major advantage of having a part time job is the fact that there is less pressure involved.As you work for fewer hours so you do not get stressedout.
  • If you are opting for a part time job then it is very advantageous as you can choose your work hours as per your own convenience. You can work at any time. No restrictions of timings.
  • As number of hours you dedicate for work is less means youcan use your energy or time in some other work.You get the advantage of attending all the social events whether linked with family or with friends.
  • Employees who are working on full time basis usually face the issues of traffic. At time also they get engaged in the heated argument with the colleagues which are not the case with those who are working on part time basis.
  • Wastage on money is not faced by the temporary employee. For example, spending on birthday parties of colleagues or seniors etcis faced by the permanent employees.

Although one cannot ignore the importance of a permanent employee, still part time jobs are opted by those who want to lead a leisure life. One point which is to be noted is that part time jobs can increase your source of income but completely relying will not raise your standard of living.

Above mentioned benefits clearly states that part time jobs as great source of income. And if you are doing job search in Bahrain, especially in the part time job sector then you must register on Monstergulf which is one of leading job portal in Bahrain helping a large number of candidates in gettingjobs.

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