Benefits of E Commerce
  1. Utilisation of New Business

Generally saying, electronic commerce underscores the generation and utilisation of different business openings and to utilise general expressions: “create business value” or “do further with less”.

  1. Allowing the Customers

E Commerce is allowing the consumer to take a growing say in what brands are made, how brands are completed and in what way services are supplied (movement from a slow order fulfilment procedure with slight understanding of whatever is captivating place inside the company, to a quicker and open procedure with consumers having better control.

  1. Progression of Business Transaction

E Commerce endeavours to progress the implementation of business transaction over many networks.

  1. Real Performance

It leads to further real performance i.e. superior quality, bigger customer satisfaction and well corporate decision making.

  1. Better Financial Efficiency

We may attain better financial efficiency (lesser cost) and further quick exchange with the support of electronic commerce.

  1. Implementation of Information

It allows the implementation of information-laden dealings between two or more parties utilising inter related systems. These systems can be a mixture of plain old telephone system (POTS), Cable TV, rented lines and wireless. Info based dealings are making new methods of undertaking business and even new kinds of business.

  1. Incorporating Transaction

E Commerce also includes transaction management, which systematises, ways, procedures and tracks transactions. It also comprises consumers creating electronic payments and fund transfers.

  1. Increasing of Revenue

Company use technology to either lower operating costs or grow revenue. E Commerce has the Potential to grow revenue by making new markets for old products, making new info-centred products, and creating new service distribution channels to well serve and cooperate with clients.

  1. Reduction of Friction

E Commerce research and its related operations is to lessen the friction in internet transactions. Frictions is frequently designated in economics as transaction cost.

  1. Enabling of Network Form

E Commerce is also impacting business to business connections. It enables the network method of organization where slight flexible companies trust on other partner, businesses for component deliveries and product delivery to meet changing customer demand more effectively.

  1. Enabling for Organizational Model

It is enabling an organizational model that is basically dissimilar from the past. It is a control group to the information built organization. The developing methods of techno-organizational model contain variations in decision-making tasks, communication and information flows and work group structures.

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