wood storage cabinets with doors and shelves

Storebay is an Australian company founded by Dean Price based on his findings that many people need reliable, convenient and secure storage for their items at home.  He, therefore, brought up the idea of the unique storage cabinets designed to offer all the benefits described above at highly affordable price.

One of the main challenges faced by many homeowners in Australia has to do with space. Many of the homes rarely have adequate space to contain equipment, tools and other odds and ends.  The cabinets provided by Dean Price can create more space in the home so that you can store your odds and ends in it and spare more space.

If you are one of those having limited space in your home and you are looking for a way to put things in order, then you can go for any of the storage cabinets.  The cabinet will be installed in such a way that it will not get in the way so that you can have free movement in the home.

Dedication to top quality customer service

Storebay has got your back when it comes to adequate storage at home. They will deliver top quality cabinets that can contain all your tools that litter the ground at home so that your home will not look cluttered.

They always relate directly with their clients so that the latter can feel welcome at all times. They have dedicated members of staff that have proved to be reliable over the years. You will never have to go through a middleman to buy the cabinets; visit their platform and order directly from there. You can equally order on the phone.

Additionally, they help you to install the cabinets free of charge after delivering it to your home.  Their customer service is top notch, and they always reply fast to your emails.

Assurance of quality

Each of the wood storage cabinets with doors and shelves supplied by Storebay comes with a long-term warranty. Consequently, you will get top value for your money from any unit that you order. The cabinets can be installed in virtually any part of the home, including the garage or car bay.  Each unit is designed to last long, and it is well polished to beautify your home.   The units are made using the latest technology in the furniture industry, which places the cabinets far ahead of other products made with traditional methods in the construction and building industry.


Storebay is the more reliable outlet for those looking for top quality storage cabinets.  They also have the vision to become a market leader and international suppliers of cabinets. They can be trusted for top quality Over Bonnet Storage Cabinets that will keep your home tidy and also add to the great look of the home.

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