As the demand for a variety of crops keeps growing, and even the nature of requirements change, sustainable agriculture has become more in fashion. Since the world wanted more with minimum investment, sustainable agriculture was the best way that could gift what the world wanted. As a result of this, fertigation techniques was the only possible way one could achieve this objective and keep a balance between the nutrient needed and the environment protected.

The fertigation techniques were first brought into fashion for the Mediterranean countries, and this process necessarily involves the injection of the fertilizers and nutrients through water and delivering the plants what they want to sustain longer. EZ Flo Fertilizing Systems have been designed accordingly so that the injectors and pumps can allow the best combination of water and the fertilizers and channelize the entire flow of nutrients to the plants. The fertilizers, in short, are added through the injectors to reach out to the optimum level of the water content and then spread out during the hours of need.

Now, what if the fertilizers do not reach those certain portions of the plants where it is needed too? The growth may be stunted, and they will also come up with several development issues. The fertigation process was devised so that the efficiency of the fertilizers are increased by allowing them to reach that specific part of the plants where they are targeted to reach and affect. Apart from this, even the concentration of the nutrients in the soil can be controlled and the time when the fertilizers will be added to the soil can be made flexible. Hence the importance of fertigation in sustainable agriculture has already been realized, and with time, it is being promoted so that it can be utilized in most extensive scale.

There have been considerable developments that took place in the fertigation techniques over the years, and one of the significant changes that have been voted down by the experts is how the farmers are shifting from surface irrigation to drip irrigation for that has proved to be more efficient in all means and can indeed increase the efficiency of the water that is being provided. In the last few decades, along with the popularity of EZ Flo fertilizers, farmers have also started making the use of the best technology possible in their irrigation systems, which has brought in a considerable amount of end products on the field.

Fertigation was deployed on the lands where crops were cultivated on a massive platform, and it even improved the efficiency of both fertilizers and water uses. It is a modern agro-technique which provides excellent opportunity to maximize the yield and also minimize any environmental pollution at the same time. In any particular fertigation system, it is the timing, amounts, concentrations, and ratios of the nutrients which are being monitored and can be easily controlled, as a result of which the better control, crop yield is comparatively more extensive than those produced by the conventional and straightforward fertilizer application and irrigation system. These positive outcomes must be given its due credit and the fertigation system must be incorporated in every single world.

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