Russia, the unique expanse of mountains, deep lakes, golden sands, icy tundra, scenic national parks and thousands of rivers that pass through villages. The world’s largest country is also the home to some incredible art work, overwhelming places and crafts whose charm has inspired and motivated many people.

Let’s have a look to the Best Tourist attractions in Russia:

Moscow: Moscow is the home to many amazing things like best museums, galleries and cultural institute in the world and make sure when you visit Moscow, you don’t miss Bolshoi Theatre’s world class performances, the Tretyakov Gallery- a true celebration of Russian art, Pushkin Fine Arts Museum, as it’s the most prestigious galleries of European art. You can even learn about Russia’s fantastic literary heritage such as Pushkin Memorial Museum, the Tolstoy House Museum, the Dostoevsky House Museum, the Mayakovsky Museum or Gogol Memorial rooms. Nightlife, dining and shopping are all first class at the Moscow, as city holds the variety of bars, clubs, pubs and restaurants.

Kizhi Island: The Island is Not as famous as Moscow and St Petersburg, but an equally worthy Russian destination is the Kizhi Island in the heart of Lake Onega which is known especially for its fabulous open-air museum, this one-of-a-kind complex of great historical, cultural and natural interest hosts an amazing collection of wooden structures. The most famous attractions on this tiny island include the Church of the Resurrection of Lazarus which is the oldest wooden church in Russia and the Kizhi Pogost site, with its impressive 22-dome Transfiguration Church. This is the best Weekend Getaways from Saint Petersburg.

Irkutsk and Lake Baikal: Locally known as the Paris of Siberia, Irkutsk is a fairly compact city with a charming collection of historic churches, museums, theatres, and beautiful wooden houses adorned with intricate hand-carved decorations. This is the nearest important city to the fabulous Lake Baikal, hence an excellent base to explore the world’s biggest, oldest, and deepest freshwater lake. Irkutsk’s main attractions comprise the City History Museum, the Geology Museum and the Russian Far East, as well as the Old Town, where lively pavement cafés, eye-catching 19th century architecture and happier street artists make for a pleasant and calm atmosphere in which to hang out, dine, and watch the world go by.

The Golden ring: Widely famous for its picturesque old-world towns, medieval fortresses, and ancient onion-domed churches, the Golden Ring is one of the most enchanting travel destinations that Russia has to offer. Although conveniently located north east of Moscow, this place of ancient villages seems a million miles away from Russia’s sleek and sophisticated capital city, offering the chance to explore the area’s different architecture, history, and century crafting traditions.

Sochi: Sochi is Russia’s largest resort and a major tourist destination for both summer and winter holidays. Picturesquely which is located on the Black Sea coast, summer seaside attracts foreign and domestic tourists alike with its appealing mix of sunny beaches, luxury hotels, world-class restaurants, vibrant nightlife, and countless cultural and natural attractions.

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