How to Keep Your Baby’s Milestone in An Instant

Your baby’s growing years are lovely to watch. Nowadays, we are all grateful for social media, digital devices, and other gadgets that we can all afford to record our offspring’s milestone in an instant.

It is nice to think of the ways on how you can get the best keepsake ideas of everything your baby went through since day one. The firsts are definitely the ones you do not want to miss.

To help you to record your baby’s milestones, here are some of the things you can do:

Keep a Journal for Your Baby

Your baby may not be able to read everything you write now but one day, he/she will. Write entries to your baby – his first trip outside the country, his first birthday party, the first day of school, and everything you feel like writing to him.

This way, you can walk him/her through to his/her growing years. He/she could be able to read all the entries and reflect on how he/she was during his/her infant years.

Keep A Memory Box

A memory box is an excellent idea to keep track of your baby’s first. You may also want to include his/her inkless baby footprint kit for him/her to witness how tiny he/she was. You can also add some hand-written cards that he/she could read and understand once he/she is already able to.

You may also include photos of your baby especially the ones when he/she was a newborn or infant. It could help him a lot to see where he got his/her looks.

Fill the memory box the best ones you can think of. You may also include his/her first mittens, umbilical cord, hospital records, and the like. It would be a lovely collection to keep.

A Photo Per Month

To track your baby’s growth, you may opt to take a photo per month. It will help you to see how long or big he/she has grown. With the help of your smartphone and social media account, you can also share the photos to your closest friends and family. It would be a sweet remembrance to look over especially by the time your children have all grown up.

You can also play with different flatlay ideas that you think would be creative for your baby. Do not forget to include the things he/she got interested in. It will surely be part of the best memories you might want to show him/her in the future.

Majority of parents wish for the time to slow down. Time flies and your babies will soon be teenagers and adults. While it is fascinating, it is also saddening at the same time. We all want to hold on to the time when our children are still small and dependent on us, but life must move on and we should, too.

So, as early as now, let us work on keeping our children’s milestones and memories intact. This way, we can all reminisce to the good old days when they are still little.

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