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Online exam software is a computer-based examination platform for students pursuing online courses. These courses allow the students to take online examinations at the end of the course. Nevertheless, this test software has distinct features that help them cater to the needs of the students and help them through the entire process. Though, the features are seen to vary from among software, below enlisted are some common features.

Important features of from the user point of view

The features and requirements of online examination software vary in case of the user and the administrator. In case of the user, synchronization of the entire test in on mobiles or tablets and on the web is of great importance. The availability of an All India ranking helps students keep a track of their preparation as well their current performance. The next feature is the time taken to identify the sections or questions that consume the most and the least amount of time, which you can know in detail through an online exam software demo. This will help you work along through your preparations in the right way. The prominent online test examination software has a list of detailed reports that are useful for accurate test analysis. This software bookmarks the important questions and you can review them later as per your convenience. Efficient software is created with the sole purpose of focusing on the weak areas of a student and concentrate towards bringing about an improvement

Important features for an administrator

As per the requirements of an administrator, the ability of software to support a variety of images, questions, and videos is one of the most important aspects. Since people have a lot to do all through the day, questions must be prepared in a quick and efficient manner. The online test exam software helps in the quick formulation of these questions and sends it out to the users along with assigned time and date. Once then the test is done with, the results are automatically generated on the respective site. Apart from all these features, there is a scope of third-party integration as well.

Monetary benefits

Some exam software allows you to sell off your test series and derives some monetary benefits out of it. If you are the one operating the software, you can create sub-administrators who will be under your supervision. An important feature of online test software is that it allows you to import and export necessary data from PDF, Word and Excel formats as well. They mostly have easy to add features that aid in the import and export of these data from different other sources. The last, yet the most prominent aspect of good online test software is that it keeps the records and successfully analyses the performance of the students and help them in areas of improvement.

Browse through the internet to get all necessary information on the finest online examination software available for students and opt for an online exam software demo.

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