Food on train provides you with an opportunity to order food during the course of a train journey. Just you need to download the app on your smart phone, hop on to the home page, flip through the menu of various restaurants and place an order of your choice. Is rest assured that a hot and delicious meal will be served on to your seats? These online vendors cover most of the trains and stations of the country. Though each restaurant has its own specific menu. Because of this reason you are spoiled in terms of options. But before going to select your dish there are a few things you need to keep in mind

  • To start off you need to be aware the meal for which you are placing an order. Say for example you are not going to place a sandwich for lunch and a veg thali for breakfast. The order is going to depend upon the time of the day you are having your food
  • Then you need to consider whether you are ordering for lunch or dinner, then a heavy meal can be ordered. Rather than opting for a full course meal you have the luxury of munching something from time to time.
  • It is always better to stick to veg dishes as they are easy to digest than meat. Still you can order dishes with meat but do not overeat.
  • Make it a point that you do not end up over ordering. Calculate in a proper manner the amount of food you are going to need and place your order
  • If you are ordering for lunch or dinner it would be better if you opt for combo meals. They are filling meals and do contain a good amount of food. For an adult a meal would suffice

Let us explore some combo meals that you can order during the course of your journey

Combo of kadhai chicken

If you are an avid lover of meat then you can opt for this delicious North Indian combo. In case if you are travelling from New Delhi or any city of North India you are likely to come across this combo. This combination is available with a Nan or roti. An extremely delicious dish if you are looking for a combination of north Indian flavours.  Be careful that you do not overeat this dish. Being spicy it can aid to problems on the digestion front. If you happen to be ordering for a child do not order more than one but share.

Rice chole combo

If you want to keep things simple and light opt for a rice chole combo. This also works out to be an ideal combination if you are a vegetarian and for lunch suits you perfect. Sometimes you can ask for a few slices of salad. A meal devoid of spices but is not expected to have a lot of taste to it. During your train journey is a perfect combo meal.

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