All over the world, mishaps result in significant losses of data from device memories. From simple physical damage due to carelessness to malicious ransomware holding your precious data hostage, the list of reasons for data loss is as long as it is wide. The unexpected ways in which misfortune can strike are so surprising that every time a new one becomes known, technological experts rush to address the problem before it becomes widespread.

However, with the harnessing of cloud technology for the individual as well as corporate use, many of the old sources of threats to data vanish completely, because the cloud is managed by entirely new protocols and platforms. One such platform is DataBagg, with an array of cloud backup solutions that eliminate the risk of data loss.

Next Generation OfGlobal Availability Of Data

Beginning with the concept of allowing users to access their data from any location without having to carry a physical data storage device, DataBagg has evolved into a comprehensive suite of applications that use virtual data centers.

For starters, these virtual data centers are fool proofed against disintegration or corruption with the top of the line checksum algorithms. Next, they are instantly scalable, both up and down, so that businesses are only spending the precise cost of cloud storage calculated upon the exact quantum of data stored on DataBagg’s cloud. For heavy traffic websites of large corporations, this real-time billing is a gift from heaven, since buying and then maintaining an extensive infrastructure that is not used to full capacity round the clock makes little business sense. Additionally, for group projects and collaborative assignments, the latest authorized change made to the collective set of data shared among the team reflects instantaneously. This feature is especially useful for remote working sites like weather monitoring and geographic surveys. In turn, the up to date data from such scientific efforts aids greatly in meteorological forecasting and disaster management. By backing up each update to the entire database, DataBagg ensures the availability of this crucial data at any time, from anywhere.

Lose Your DeviceBut Not Your Precious Data

Leaving these global level applications aside, for the time being, even personal data theft and loss is covered by cloud backup services like DataBagg. When the smart feature called auto synchronization is turned on, data from an individual’s phone, laptop, computer or tablet is mirrored in the user’s cloud backup account, so that even in the case of the device getting lost, stolen or damaged beyond recovery, at least the data exists securely in the DataBagg cloud. Having a complete data backup in the cloud decreases the despondent feeling of tangible loss, if only by a bit. One can always recover their treasured memories, in the form of photos and videos, as well as the important documents and contacts that were stored in their compromised device, from the DataBagg cloud.

Not just casual users, even professionals who have to deal with large amounts of data on their primary work devices risk losing their hard work in the case of unexpected mechanical failures due to reasons way beyond their control. Maintaining a secure cloud backup, just to be prepared for all unforeseen circumstances, is the mark of a true professional.

Your Data Secured, Safe, And Sound

By opening up the platform of cloud computing to ethical IT professionals before miscreants of the cybersphere could render it defenseless, most major companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple and Amazon have got a head start against data threats. DataBagg also incorporates the best defense mechanisms for its cloud, thereby providing peace of mind to even the most paranoid of its users!

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