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Those days are gone when people used to keep big TV boxes in their houses, nowadays, people prefer to have narrow edge LED or LCD TVs which will provide you with vision clarity, as well as a good picture quality. As per the technological advancement, you can expect a number of amazing features in such TVs which can even make you spellbound for some time. 

According to resources, Samsung 55 Inch Premium UHD Smart TV is the best option for you because it is a perfect combo of everything you will expect to have. Now, the questions arises that if this product is so good in terms of its quality and features, then it is obvious that it will also have a good price range which means you cannot expect that the price for the same will be really cheap. This is where Souq coupon come into play, you can get such products at a cheaper price as well if you have the Souq TV offer in your hand. So, this article gives you complete clarify of how you will be able to purchase the Samsung 55 inch Premium UHD Smart TV at a 25% off discount rate with the help of Souq TV offers.

The features of this TV:

Never  theless, it is important to evaluate whatever specifications or features the product has, otherwise, you will certainly miss out on opportunities. So, first you will get to know about the specifications of this grand TV, and they are mentioned below in details:

l The brand of this TV is Samsung.

l This TV is a type of smart TV.

l This TV is provided with a remote control of type TM1850A.

l This TV has a resolution of 3840 x 2160.

l With a combination of speakers and 4K Ultra HD resolution, this TV also supports wonderful zoom quality.

l This TV enables a Quad core processor.

l It is provided with Bluetooth.

l This TV is provided with WiFi as well.

l The dimensions of this product are 1830.0 x 1144.6 x 387.2mm which includes the stand as well.

l The display type of this TV is flat panel.

l The sound system of this TV is Dolby Digital Plus.

l This TV has 2 USB ports.

l This TV has 4 HDMI ports as well.

All of these which were discussed are the features, which means that they are the technical specifications of the product. Now, it is important for you to know that as a viewer or as a user, how you will be affected by this product.

     The resources state that this product is a perfect combination of features. With the wide 55 inch screen and Dolby digital plus sound system, you can experience the similar effect which you feel while watching a movie at the theatre. Apart from this, if you watch a cricket or football match, you will feel that you are watching the match in a stadium, this implies the impact the TV has on its audience. The brightness and colour quality of this TV is so enhanced that you can almost see the night scenes in any movie with much clarity.

According to resources, the best part of this product is its gaming feature. For both dynamic, as well as arcade games, you will have an enhanced experience at your home. You will be able to see every motion which is included in the game with absolute clarity and smoothness which is a major benefit for the game-enthusiasts. Apart from this, the fantastic design which this TV has is one of the major reasons for its great success and fame.

Customer reviews:

This is indeed an important sector, as the customers who have already used this product will be able to tell you how they were affected by the same product. A large number of customers have appreciated this product and praised its individual features. So, if you want to buy this TV with Souq TV Offer, then you should go ahead with your plan as you will get a flat 25% discount on the same.

Souq TV offers always lead you towards good products and this is one of the profound examples of the same. You should definitely purchase the same with the coupon offer and feel the difference sitting back at home in leisure, enjoying a movie or a match.

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