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The last 8 years have been an excellent run for all things internet and technology related, ranging from artificial intelligence to virtual reality, and everything in between as well. As we draw close to the end of the decade, the desire for creative and intuitive designs is a trend that is commonly observed not only online but offline as well. However, with enough study and analysis, it is now possible to make an estimate of the trends that will hit a popular note with the consumer for the year 2019. Never before has professional web design in Australia been more important.

Understanding this will equip businesses and creative content creators to produce better content that will engage audiences better and give them the recognition they are looking for. Furthermore, it will help them also save time and frustration on picking a theme that is ‘out of season’ and spending too much unwanted time and resources on it. Having a pre-set idea of what will work when executed will better equip businesses with not just an idea but also confidence that they are not wasting their precious time and money.

Here are a few trends that will gain a lot of momentum and engage audiences in 2019 when it comes to great web design in Australia.

  • Back to basics

Black and white colour palettes are making a grand comeback in 2019. The palette is not only simple but also easy and versatile to work with. Knowing how to create an interface with good strong and striking black and white tones can help boost the whole aesthetic and give audiences with an idea that it is easy to work with and will be pleasing to look at as well.

  • Glitching is Good

A glitch in a web’s code is bad, but a glitch in the background art can be good. Glitching art is a relatively new art movement that is hitting well with the crowds. Incorporating glitching vectors intuitively, mostly with background elements, is an excellent way to catch someone’s attention. This requires a high level of skill to pull off well, but enough study and experience can greatly help.

  • AI is in

Artificial Intelligence is getting big and many developers have made the best use of it by incorporating it into website design and codes. Chatbots are one form of AI that is definitely being used more. Having a virtual assistant or bot to help you achieve your motive on the site or with their service is incredibly handy and very engaging. Coding and incorporating AI with the website is a great step to take, and without a doubt, customer engagement will go up.

  • Keep it Minimal

Minimal designs have been in for a while and do not show signs of leaving. This is a trend that is not only creatively demanding but also relatively fun to pull off. The simple and clean interface can timelessly keep traffic up, and everyone will have a positive experience with the site as they are not being bombarded with complex vectors and images.

Have a look around at digital agencies that can offer great web design in Australia. There are many out there, so take your time and do your research!

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