Technology in Education

In today’s world, we are quite habitual to using technology every day. Everything around us has a use of technology in one or the other way. It even has its implementation in the education sector. This use of technology has changed the learning process by creating more opportunities in learning and developing result in the growth of an individual.

The latest technology in the educational field includes laptop, computer, mobile phone, VR/AR, projector and various others, which has opened the door to the real-time learning from anywhere around the earth.

Let us know the various uses of the technology in education-

(i) Distant Learning- The use of internet has enabled teachers and students to reach anywhere around the world irrespective of boundaries. Various school, colleges, and universities are providing online education, which is the application of technology. This type of learning is user-friendly as it can be flexible that students can attend at any point in time.

(ii) Mobile application as a learning tool- The advanced technology has also included mobile-based learning in education. The mobile application has become populous at a fast rate. The various benefits that it provides in learning are as follows-

  • Portable- Mobile phones can be carried by the user, so studying can be carried out during the time of travel as well.
  • Systematic learning- Mobile application generally has a systematic arrangement of the subject, which can be studied easily in a flow without any confusion. Such as a topic like compound interest requires prior knowledge of numbers, ratio, and proportion, thus one can easily find the arrangement in a proper order, so as to understand the concepts well.
  • Offline learning- Many of the applications provide the offline mode of learning, in which one can study without the use of the internet. This can avoid disturbance in studies, such as weak internet connection.

(iii) Entertainment: Everyone loves things that attract eyes such as animated video, images. Use of these multimedia in learning helps students to pay more attention and enhance the learning technique. When learning is done along with games, it can be undoubtedly said that one would give more time to learning. Thus learning and entertainment can go hand in hand.

(iv) Instant Access to knowledge- Learning through technology comes with a feature to clear all your doubt at the same point in time. Such as, while solving questions if you are stuck on any topic like multiplication of matrices, then you can directly browse the internet and clear your doubts at that instance of time.

Thus, technology has enhanced the way of learning for everyone. One can easily understand the in-depth concepts and their application in a faster and easier way.

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