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When you have been diagnosed with HIV, it is of utmost importance to effectively protect the immune system for maintaining good health and overall wellness. You need to focus on keeping yourself healthy to the extent possible. If you are well-equipped only then you could consider combating different types of harmful infections and viruses. Individuals living with HIV require incorporating certain healthy habits into their day to day schedule and their usual way of life. Here are a few important tips to stay healthy despite being diagnosed with HIV.

You Must Indulge in Safe Sex

This is of paramount importance. You must necessarily practice safe sex. Use condoms every time to eliminate risks of transmitting the HIV virus and even to make sure that you and also, your partner are protected effectively against other kinds of harmful infections and sexually transmitted diseases.

You Must Rule Out STDs

STDs are known to worsen HIV infection and it may accelerate the growth and progress of this deadly disease. Moreover, if you are already suffering from HIV, it would be really tough to treat STDs. It is a good idea to get tested and rule out any STDs beforehand because often the STDs do not show any outward symptoms.

You Must Try Preventing Illnesses & Infections

As HIV is known to impact your immune system and make it less effective, you would become increasingly susceptible to all kinds of infections, bacteria, virus, and germs that you are actually exposed to. Therefore, it is necessary to take extra care. Keep washing your hands frequently and consciously, you need to stay away from individuals who are not keeping well. Moreover, you must stay updated on all your prescribed vaccinations for reducing the risk of certain preventable diseases.

Get All Tests Done for Proper Diagnosis

If certain tests and diagnostic techniques like Western Blotting have been prescribed by your doctor, you must get all those done for proper detection of the disease. In this context, you must know that Western Blotting is a frequently used process for detecting proteins and posttranslational modifications specifically on proteins, by utilizing antibody-based probes for acquiring precise information about the targeted proteins from certain complex samples. Western Blotting is supposed to be a routine process in molecular biology, cell biology, and biochemistry field with a host of applications. In the current medical scenario, Western Blot seems to have a broad spectrum of applications relating to medical diagnosis for FIV, BSE, HIV, Hepatitis B Infection and such diseases.

Follow Your Physician’s Dictates

You must do as directed by your doctor. Read the prescription thoroughly and follow all medical instructions given to you. You must use HIV medication just in the manner you have been asked to. You cannot skip even a single day as that would make the virus truly resistant to the specific drug. You must carry around your prescription everywhere you go and keep all your HIV medicines by replenishing the stock every now and then. Do not miss any medications.


Apart from the above-discussed tips, you may focus on quitting smoking, avoiding alcohol or drug abuse and overuse. You must get rid of emotional distress. It is quite common for HIV patients to suffer from depression. You must consciously try to lead a healthy life, eat a balanced and nutritious diet. Allow your body to get rejuvenated.

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