The biggest issue in the process of Netgear Extender Setup is the interference caused by third-party objects like walls, windows, metal objects, electronic gadgets, etc. Similarly, a distance between router and the range extender is the main cause of weak or dropped wireless signals. In order to solve such brain-teaser issues, you have to follow and apply some of the valuable points given below.

  • Turn off the public WiFi during the process of Netgear Extender Setup.
  • Also, disable those objects that carry the same frequency.
  • Be certain about your devices. If they are overheated, then turn them down for a short while, let them cool down, after that start with the process again.
  • Now, let your computer meet the range extender via Ethernet cable.
  • Once you have connected both the devices, launch a web browser and type into field of the address bar.
  • Use the latest and updated version of router and the modem. Never hide your device. Receive live signals from them and complete the process of your Netgear N300 Extender Setup

Note: Make sure that you have the right login details, if not dial a toll-free number 1-888-927-2661 and lay all your queries onto the shoulders of Netgear experts. Do not apply and change any settings on your own. Moreover, set up your range extender using the default SSID and password only.

Now, let us discuss with you some valuable steps to fix issues regarding the least poor performance of Wireless Connection.

  1. Get rid of Interferences and move your device closer to the Access Point or the Router

In order to avoid weak signals or dropped connection, consider moving your device away from the interference creating objections like microwaves ovens, door locks, printers, Bluetooth speakers, gym or its material in the house, etc. To get rid of such issues, move your computer and the range extender closer to the router and place your router at the very bottom of your home.

  1. Consider changing the Wireless Channel Number

This is also the fact that the active devices nearby you home or neighboring is also the main cause of signal droppage. Here, you are supposed to change the wireless channel number of your device to get rid of such issues. Build a unique blend of a channel number. For more assistance regarding the same or any, contact our customer care immediately.

  1. Switch to a Wireless Repeater

If it is not possible for you o move your access point to the main router, then you can add a wireless repeater in order to extend the speed of existing WiFi network from door front to the backyard of your house. This process is totally secure and reliable, just to give its valuable users a high-range of Internet connectivity even to those areas mentioned as dead zones.

  1. Consider replacing your Wireless Router

Well, it will not interest you to know that your router itself can be the main cause of poor connectivity and dropped signals. Shocking but true. So, in that case, you can update your existing router or buy a new router instead of updating the old one. Also, remember router is the main element of your WiFi. You cannot get rid of it. You are lucky that Netgear Support offers a number of different products in the market to meet the needs of users.

  1. Create a strong Network Name and Password

Most of the wireless devices shipped with default login details set itself by the service provider or the maker of the device. So, what are you going to do, after the process of installation, consider changing the login credentials from default to something secure and reliable?

  • Network Name supposed to be about 8 characters.
  • Password supposed to be about 16 characters.
  • Both of them should be unique.
  • A blend of numbers and alphabets.
  • Do not make use of dictionary words.

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