Australia is a land of opportunities. Studying and working in a different country might be a task for a few people because of the inflexible system or because of the lack of part time job opportunities in the fields they want. However it’s not the same with Australia.

The population is not as dense and they have numerous job opportunities for people who are willing to put hard work. Australia has always remained relatively untouched by the negative effects of the global financial crisis and the unemployment level is around 5% which is relatively low.

Almost all the developed countries have job shortages. You might go to a country with big dreams and an engineering degree in your hand only to land the job of a uber driver. The only difference- you’ll get paid in dollars instead of your native currency. However it’s a different ball game in Australia. Australia faces a shortage of skilled labourers which makes it a great hunting ground for job seekers. You have a wide variety of jobs to look at and you can switch jobs as well, sometimes even two jobs a year- something that is not easy at all when it comes to countries like UK and USA.

Now that you know that this is where you see yourself, apply for an Employer Nomination Scheme Visa, which is a permanent employer sponsored Visa. This Visa comes in three streams, out of which one is the australia direct entry stream visa. This is the most realistic and valid route when it comes to taking permanent residence as a skilled employee in a country.

Steps that go into it


  1. There is a difference between the Employer Nomination Scheme Visa when it comes to Temporary Residence Transition stream and the Direct Entry stream. In the first case you need to be working for your employer for at least 2 years in Australia to get a permanent resident visa. However for the latter you don’t need to be working for you employer for 2 years, you just need an assessment on your formal skills.
  2. The Direct Entry Stream Visa needs you to have at least 3 years of occupational experience and a formal skills assessment when it comes to your occupation.
  3. These skill assessments vary. It’s different when it comes to different occupations and it all depends upon how much you know your work.
  4. It’s very important to have a good background check when it comes to these requirements before you apply for an Employer Nomination Scheme Direct Entry stream application.
  5. Make sure you have adequate work experience. Anywhere between 1-4 years of experience can be asked for.
  6. Make sure you start with the skills assessment part of your application first and as early as you can, because when it comes to the direct entry stream visa australia, this step takes the longest time- a few months at the most.

Permanent residency in Australia may seem daunting at first and something that isn’t quite achievable but you must always remember that you are the one with the skills required to benefit any firm or organisation and at the end of the day, they need you more than you need them.

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